Lotus Esprit alternator
Lotus Esprit starter motor

Esprit instruments
Esprit window switch

Lotus Esprit Electrical Parts

Part Application Cost
Alternator HC £50
Starter (non HC) S1,2,3 £50
Blower fan (heater) S2 and S3 £30
Fuel gauge S3 £10
Battery gauge S3 £10
Coolant temp S3 £10
Oil pressure S3 £10
Rev counter S3 £20
Speedo S3 £20
Speedo VDO   £100
Indicator switch S3 £20
Wash/wipe switch S3 £20
Window lift switch S3 £15
Fog lamp switch S3 £5
Hazard switch S3 £5
Heated rear glass switch S3 £5
Side / Main lamp switch S3 £10
Cigar lighter S3 £5
Window lift motors S1,S2,S3 £25
Headlamp pod lift motors S1 £50
Headlamp pod lift motors Stephens £40
Side/Indicator lamp S1,S2 £20
Side/Indicator lamp - Lucas S3 pre 85 £20
Rear Lamp units S2,S3 £25
Rear Lamp units - NEW Stephens N/A
Headlamps S1,2,3 £20
Front fog lamps (ea) X180 £30
Complete S3 harness S3 NA £100
Complete S2 harness S2 £100
Lotus Excel, exclusive polished alloy gear knob and seat knobs