Lotus 900 series Fuel Injection conversions

Part Application Cost
Fuel injection kits - complete "basic" kit   £2400
Map sensor (optional)   £70
Swirl pot (optional)   £180
Lambda sensor (optional)   £98

This extensive kit has been continuously developed on Lotusbits' Excel (initially), the Lotusbits Micra rally car and both current Lotusbits Lotus Sunbeam rally cars.

The Lotus 900 series fuel injection kit comprises: DTA S40 engine management system and harness, Jenvey throttle bodies, injectors and fuel rail, pressure regulator, fuel pump and filter, crankshaft sensor (including mounting bracket), crankshaft trigger disc, coolant and air temperature sensor and wheel sensor etc.

Lotus Excel fuel injection conversionRoad car benefits

  • Cold start much improved
  • Better driveability
  • Less flat spots
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Removes "hot start" issues associated with carburettors
  • Removes issues of carburretors leaking fuel onto the distributor
  • Base kit is applicable to all normally aspirated 900 series engines
  • Ignition only kits supplied on request
  • Base map supplied, although rolling road set-up is required

.pdf download for further information regarding "Improving your Lotus" (3.7mb)

Lotus Excel, exclusive polished alloy gear knob and seat knobs